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For me, art is an exploration of the intimate states of consciousness and conflict.
It is reflection on the unconscious mechanisms underlying human behavior, which then lead to internal discomforts.

My art has always focused on the themes of dualism, the overcoming of appearance, silence, solitude and the search for Truth. The essential and symbolic language grants freedom of reflection and interpretation.

My research digs through painting the eternal conflict between Light and Shadow, fought on a solid, geometric and synthetic architectural space. The color, initially predominant, then leaves room for white, black and gray modulations.
Rarely, within this monumental and apparent protection dimension, there is a female figure with her gaze stretched towards the horizon, immobile, prisoner of a role that does not belong to her.
A dichotomy between what we are and what others would like us to be, waiting to regain their freedom, to claim their choices, to affirm their identity.

From waiting to reaction, from shadow to light, the artistic language arrives at the performance with the urge to transfer a message of autonomy, awareness and redemption.

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